Consular Services: Asylum seekers and refugees

What is the policy on granting asylum to asylum seekers and refugees? 

For the answer to this and other, related questions go to the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) of the Ministry of Justice. A variety of leaflets can also be ordered or downloaded from the IND site. You can phone the IND on 0900 123 4561 (€0.10 p/m), or if you’re calling from abroad: +31 20 889 3045.

Alien’s and refugee passports

An alien’s passport is a Dutch travel document issued to non-Dutch nationals who have a valid residence permit for the Netherlands and are unable to obtain travel documents from their own national authorities.

A refugee passport is issued to aliens who have been accorded refugee status, or who have a mandate declaration issued by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in The Hague, and who are in possession of a valid Dutch residence permit.

Both documents are issued by the municipality. For more information see the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service ( or the website of your municipality (‘gemeente’).

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