Consular Services: Adoption

We live abroad and want to adopt a child. What do we have to do?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch embassies and consulates in other countries do not mediate in adoption procedures by Dutch citizens abroad. For this purpose, you need to contact the local authorities yourself. If you live in another country, you do not need to ask permission from the Dutch authorities to adopt a child.

Adoptions of Cambodian children performed abroad are not recognised

In May 2003, the Ministry of Justice suspended the adoption of Cambodian children by couples living in the Netherlands, as a result of serious concerns about the lack of due care shown by the Cambodian adoption authorities. This decision was based in part on information provided by the Dutch embassy in Bangkok.

As a result, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recognise the adoption of children from Cambodia. The level of corruption in that country means the Ministry cannot make a reliable judgment on whether adoption procedures in individual cases have been carried out with due care, as required by the Adoption (Conflict of Laws) Act.

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