5 Petaling Jaya Travel Tips for the Budget Conscious

TRAVEL-TIPS-What-To-Know-Before-You-Go1Often called the Twin City of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya is a famous choice for travelers, both local and foreign alike. There is no shortage of attractions to visit and activities to do, which is why tourists flock to this city by the thousands. But being a popular tourist destination also means traveling to this city can hurt your wallet, right? Actually, that is not always the case. Here are five ways to keep to your budget when visiting Petaling Jaya:


  1. Book in advance.

Most hotels and theme parks offer early-bird promos, especially when your travel dates fall on a festival season. Hotel rates and entrance fees for theme parks such as Sunway Lagoon can be high during the summer season, but it can be avoided by booking for as little as two months before your trip.


  1. Look for hotels near the places you want to visit.

When you get a hotel in Petaling Jaya, the common perception of budget travelers is to look for the cheapest one available. However, they would later realize that booking the most affordable hotel will not help their budget because they have to spend more for transportation. Instead, look for ones that are near the center of the city, especially if you want to visit their famous Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and other nearby attractions. You can also easily access restaurants and shops in the area without having to travel far.


  1. Make use of free Wi-Fi.

When checking which places to visit next, chances are you would use your phone to browse the net. Instead of using your mobile data which charges a lot especially if you are a foreigner, use the free Wi-Fi which is available in almost every establishment in Petaling Jaya nowadays. Of course, keep in mind that these connections are not secure so use only for research purposes and not for private transactions.


  1. Visit The Curve for souvenirs.

If you are looking for gifts and souvenirs to take home but still want to keep in budget, visit The Curve, a popular shopping center that features a weekly flea market. Cool fashion finds, collectibles, and curious artifacts are available at an affordable price. Hint: you can even bargain with the seller for a lower price!


  1. Eat at smaller local restaurants.

There are tons of huge restaurants in the malls, but Petaling Jaya also features smaller and quaint restaurants that boast of good Malaysian cuisine at a reasonable price. You can find a lot of these in every corner of the city. Even small eateries get reviewed online nowadays, so it would be easy to find out if the restaurant you are eyeing is a good place to try.


As always, if you are traveling on a limited resource, research is the key. You don’t need to spend a lot to experience a worthwhile vacation in Petaling Jaya if you can plan ahead.

Experience Penang Nightlife At These 5 Popular Night Spots

When the sun goes down, the sunny, idyllic little island of Penang is alive with a different atmosphere. Though its clubbing scene is pretty tame compared to other cities such as Bangkok or Singapore, Penang is charming in its own way. Experience Penang nightlife at these five popular night spots:


1.New Lane Hawker Center

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Kick off the night by having dinner at a hawker center, like New Lane Hawker Center in Georgetown. The food center is famous for its local delicacies such as char koay kak (pickled veggies dish) and rice cake. If you can’t wait to have some booze, find a hawker or restaurant that sells toddy, a fermented coconut drink.


  1. Night Market at Jalan Batu Ferringhi


When the night is still young after you’ve had your dinner, head on down to the night market at Jalan Batu Ferringhi for some retail therapy until it’s time to party the night. The night market offers things like home décor, fashion and accessories, and even pirated DVDs (buy at your own risk).


  1. Hard Rock Café


Jazz is a thriving industry on the island, with many international visitors coming in just to experience it annually at the Penang Island Jazz Festival. To enjoy live acts and entertainment, warm up at the Hard Rock Café to experience the local jazz scene all year round. The place serves great snacks and drinks.


  1. Baba Bar

For something more cultural, have a drink at Baba Bar, a rustic Peranakan-style bar. The bar has a cozy atmosphere that allows you to have a proper conversation with someone without raising your voice and offers plenty of imaginative, flavorsome drinks. Photo lovers would definitely love this place.


  1. Soju Room

It’s time to end the night and party ‘till the sun goes up at Soju Room in Penang Time Square. Soju Room is popular among the local club-goers for its strong drinks and loud music. You would love Soju Room if you are into the EDM music scene, as when the DJ cranks up the music, the entire room goes crazy.


For more convenience, book an accessible hotel in Georgetown, Penang. It may be easier for you to grab a public transportation, ride a trishaw to your chosen spot, or even walk all the way there and enjoy the surrounding with no trouble if you stay nearby. There’s also a car rental service if you prefer to drive yourself.

5 Practical Tips For a Smoother Business Travel In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

header-businessGoing on a business trip to Kuala Lumpur? The thriving capital city of Malaysia is a melting pot of culture with unique attractions of its own. If you’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur for business, there are a few things that you need to be aware of and keep in mind to make the best of your trip. These are the five useful tips if you’re a business traveler visiting the capital city: Huawei-e3372-e3372s-4G-LTE-USB-Dongle-USB-Stick-Datacard-Mobile-Broadband-USB-Modems-4G-Modem

  1. Bring a USB modem for mobile broadband Malaysia has a lot to improve when it comes to Internet connection speeds. In the Akamai Q3 2015 rankings, Malaysia ranks at 73 when it comes to average Internet connection speeds. If you must stay connected all the time, it’s best to bring a USB modem for mobile broadband. Though it will cost a lot more, it’s more convenient as you don’t have to go around looking for a WiFi spot.how-to-pack-1-1450514428
  2. Pack culture-sensitive clothing As Malaysia is one of the most conservative Southeast Asian countries and Islam being the official religion, it’s wise to pack culture-sensitive clothing particularly if you’re a female traveler. Depending on who you’re doing business with and where you are in the city, always find out the dress code beforehand. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid clothing that’s too unusual, flashy, revealing, or tight.n_1herngnat
  3. Watch out for scam cabbies Malaysia is notorious for its taxi driver scams, so much that it often made international headlines and bad cab rankings. If it’s your first time in the country, it’s highly recommended that you get the proper ticket at a legit taxi counter, or ask the driver beforehand if he uses the meter. Foreigners often get scammed and charged ridiculous fares even for a short distance trip. Alternatively, you can download the GrabCar or Uber app to get around town.dom-business-lounge-06
  4. Sign up for a business lounge membership Signing up for a business lounge membership can be useful if you’re a frequent business traveler, as it allows you to gain immediate access to co-working spaces or private offices at any time. It also helps you to stay productive. There are over 50 co-working spaces and private offices located in major business centrals throughout Kuala Lumpur (i.e. Subang Jaya, KL Sentral, KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Petaling Jaya, Damansara) where you can sign up for memberships. With such membership, no prior bookings are necessary, which helps you save a lot of time and money.Hotel-reception-bell
  5. Book a hotel for business travelers When it comes to accommodation, make the best of your trip by staying at a hotel that caters to business travelers. At such hotels, you’ll have access to useful amenities such as in-room stationery and copier, fax and printing machines, as well as corporate facilities like business rooms and conference halls. To save time or get the best deals, find online hotel bookings in Kuala Lumpur for business.

Prior to going on your business trip, try to find out about Malaysia and how its people conduct business (i.e. salutation, body language, business do’s and don’ts) as much as you can.

Top 3 Malaysian Kiddie Theme Parks that your kids will love!

Image result for Top 3 Malaysian Kiddie Theme Parks that your kids will love!

Family trips are always delightful moments to look forward to, and for couples with toddlers and kids joining the vacation, one famous place to visit is the promising country of Malaysia. Being one of the nations with robust economies in the South East Asian region, Malaysia can boast its numerous family-friendly destinations where the kids and adults alike will surely have a wonderful time.

In Johor Bahru (JB), capital of Johor located in the southern part of the peninsular Malaysia, seven kiddie amusement and theme parks can be found. This place is very accessible to visitors via direct international flights to the Senai International Airport, and from there, tourists headed to JB Sentral can take the Causeway Link express shuttle buses. Those coming from Singapore can also visit JB via express buses going between Singapore and various points in Johor Bahru.

Here are three of the best water theme park in Malaysia found in Johor Bahru:

Image result for Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia. Who doesn’t love Lego? For kids and kids at heart, this top tourist spot (currently ranks no. 1 in Johor Bahru) is indeed one of the go-to places for travelling families with toddlers and kids. While most rides and attractions are suitable for children aged seven and above, there are other great and fun activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family such as the 4D movie, observatory tower, robotic workshops, and the waterpark as well. And of course, Lego shopping must be on top of the to-do list in Legoland!

Image result for The Little Big Club

The Little Big Club. Cartoons are definitely not for kids only, but also for those who are still young at heart. Seeing various cartoon characters like Thomas the Train, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina the Ballerina, and Pingu all in one place is certainly a heaven’s delight for children. Located in the second and third floors of the Puteri Harbour Indoor Theme Park, the Little Big Club promises a fun-filled day of rides and activities and best of all, what kids love—character performances! This park is best for kids aged 3-5 and the best thing about this place is being an indoor park, it is air-conditioned and if it’s not really crowded, it will not take more than half the day to complete all the rides and activities.

Image result for Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. For those sweet and adorable little girls (and for most ladies and women too!), there is still another attraction found in Puteri Harbour Indoor Theme Park located in the first floor, the Sanrio Hello Kittty Town. Hello Kitty lovers will surely go ga-ga and instantly fall in love with this place with the unlimited rides and photo sessions with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, yummy Hello Kittty-shaped food which is really yummy, dress up booth (where you can be Hello Kitty too!), and the Amazaing Hello Kitty and Friends Parade, the main attraction of the park.

These three kiddie parks are the top picks in Johor Bahru, but for those with more time to spare, other parks such as the Angry Birds Activity Park, Puteri Harbour Satellite Clubhouse, “Dinosaurs Alive” Water Theme Park, and Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park can also be visited!

How to Get the Best Penang Hotel Deals: Top 6 Ways


Penang, otherwise known as The Pearl of the Orient, is one of Malaysia’s most thriving and developed states, with major international businesses and events happening frequently. Its capital city, George Town, is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site due to its historical value.

The bustling island derived its name from areca nut palm, which are aplenty in the island. Due to Penang’s rich culture and heritage (aside from the thriving economy), the small island on Peninsular Malaysia’s northwest coast has been named one of the world’s top destinations.


Whether you are visiting Penang for business or pleasure, try these easy-to-do top 6 ways on getting the best Penang hotel deals:


  1. Contact the hotel directly

Contact the hotel of your choice directly before you book a room. This way you’ll be able to see whether the hotel would beat rates or match the deals you’ve found online. The upside to this is that you’ll have flexibility (no advance payment required) in cancelling should you found a more affordable alternative.


  1. Be aware of the total cost

Be aware of sneaky fees that aren’t included in an online quote. Some hotels may charge for the use of gym, WiFi and even breakfast, while the ones in city centre will normally charge for parking, which could cost up to RM50 per day. Always ask beforehand to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for things you don’t need or use.


  1. Consider small hotels

Small hotels are a great alternative as it’ll give you direct access to the hotel owner, who are probably willing to offer some discounts if you talk to them personally. While you can call them and inquire, it’s best to go there in person and ask to speak to the person in charge yourself.


  1. Utilise coupon deals

There are plenty of travel sites that offer coupons which you could easily print out. The coupons are mostly offered by small hotel or lodging chains, perfect for backpackers or visitors who are trying to save (and didn’t mind minimalism).


  1. Get a travel package

If you’re only visiting the Penang island, you can save more by getting a package that includes car rental, airfare and hotel. Some hotels offer these types of packages so do your search online.


  1. Utilise travel reward points

If you’re using credit card, you can take advantage of its travel reward points if the card is in partnership with the hotel of your choice, so find out if the hotel offers travel reward points. You get to save a lot and get some perks.


While there is no single method that will guarantee your success in landing an excellent rate, trying the tips mentioned at the right place and the right time will ramp up your luck in snagging the best Penang hotel deals.


Essential Penang Attractions

Penang Getaways

Penang is a stunning Malaysian state that also happens to be a well-known tourist destination. It’s a scenic island that’s located in Peninsular Malaysia’s northwestern region. Penang is a great location for people who are interested in beautiful landscapes and recreational activities. Many people also flock to Penang to enjoy its breathtaking beaches. If you’re interested in perhaps exploring the best of Penang, there are numerous fascinating attractions that may be of interest to you.

Gorgeous Penang National Park

Penang National Park is definitely a must-see for people who visit the island. Although the park is smaller than many others in the nation, it more than makes up for that with its extraordinary beauty. If you want to explore difficult trails and soothing beaches, Penang National Park can be a great spot. This park is known for being home to some of the most peaceful beaches in the region. Try to visit Pantai Kerachut, a beach that’s full of smooth pale sands. Many people enjoy laid-back picnics at Pantai Kerachut. It’s also a nesting location for green turtles.

Soothing Botanic Gardens

If you want to revel in the soothing side of Penang, Botanic Gardens is a good option. It’s on Jalan Kebun Bunga and is the sole botanic garden in the entire nation. People who like the idea of taking in tranquil and green landscapes are certain to have a great time at Botanic Gardens. If you want to feast your eyes on the Pinang palm, the candle tree or the Sengkuang tree, there’s no better destination than these gardens. The gardens are also excellent for people who want to gaze at interesting animals. Black Giant squirrels and Dusky Leaf monkeys abound here, interestingly enough.

The Fascinating Tropical Spice Garden

The Tropical Spice Garden in Penang is an intriguing spot for fans of spices of all varieties. If you want to have the most wondrous spice experience possible, there’s no beating the Tropical Spice Garden. The spices here smell wonderfully tropical. People who like spices and herbs that are edible are sure to appreciate all of the offerings here as well. Guided tours are available for people who visit the spice garden. People can also, however, opt to take strolls around the gardens all by themselves. Cooking classes are available to people who stop by The Tropical Spice Garden.

Historic Peranakan Green Mansion

If you’re lucky enough to visit Penang, you can’t leave without heading to the majestic Peranakan Green Mansion located in Georgetown Penang. People who want to learn more about Peranakan heritage are sure to appreciate time at this historic landmark. This mansion is a replica of a classic wealthy Baba residence from the nineteenth century. It’s a museum with a highly sophisticated feel. If you like viewing antiques from the past, you’ll have a great time at Peranakan Green Mansion. If you want to visit Penang and have the time of your life, you need to secure lodging first. Thankfully, there are often many excellent Penang hotel promotion opportunities available to tourists. Get a reputable Penang hotel’s contact number and make a reservation today.

The Quick Guide to Sydney: Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 5 Minutes



One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, Sydney is Australia’s largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city. A centre of art, fashion, culture and cuisine, it is home to two of the most iconic structures on earth, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Far from its beginnings as an 18th-century penal colony, the city offers a dazzling combination of unforgettable sights and sounds. From beaches and verdant parks to cultural attractions and exciting entertainment, there is always something going on. Short term rentals in Sydney may be the ideal solution for travellers looking for the comforts of home while on holiday experiencing all that the Harbour City has to offer.


Get In and Around Sydney

The main aviation gateway into Australia, Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is located approximately 9 kilometres south of the city centre on the coast of Botany Bay. Numerous international carriers provide direct and connecting flights to Sydney from major cities around the world. International travellers arrive in Terminal 1, which has a full range of passenger amenities, food vendors and retail shops. In addition to a taxi and rental car, the city is accessible by bus, suburban train and shuttle van service. Sydney has an extensive public transportation system that includes a light rail, water ferries and surface buses. Use the touch-and-go Opal card to save money and make travelling around the city easier.


Sydney, Australia Travel Guide


Where and When to Go

The City Centre is home to fine restaurants, shopping and many of Sydney’s most famous attractions like the Queen Victoria Building, the Australian Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens as well as the Opera House. Northwest of the City Centre, the historic harbour district, known as The Rocks, boasts the unmistakable Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Observatory. Short term rentals in Sydney are also close to Darling Harbour with its extensive leisure and entertainment options, such as the boardwalk, aquarium and museums. While City West hosts the casino and Powerhouse Museum, City East features coffee shops, fashion boutiques and an energetic nightlife. The City South district provides the backdrop for Chinatown, Haymarket and Central Station.

The December to February summer season in the Land Down Under is the best time to hit Sydney area beaches like Palm, Manly and Bondi to relax on the pristine sand or catch the perfect wave. Spring and autumn provide the ideal weather for bushwalking in the great outdoors and visiting attractions, such as the zoo and heritage architecture. While temperatures can dip to 10˚C, there is still plenty to see and do during in the winter like taking a cruise offshore to observe migrating whales up close, attending the Vivid Sydney Festival and shopping along George and Pitt Streets.

Visitors to Sydney enjoy historic pubs, live music venues and spectacular harbour views. Whether stopping by the most popular attractions or finding hidden gems off the beaten path, Sydney is an adventure filled holiday destination.

Tips for Visiting The Top Three Sights of Paris

The Daily Mail named Paris as the world’s top tourist destination last year with about 32.3 million people visiting the French capital. You can spend a lifetime visiting all the sites that this famous city has to offer. But given that you most likely have limited time on your vacation, stay in one of the Paris vacation rentals so you can focus on the top three sites of this list, which also offers visiting tips.

#placedelaconcorde at sunset... http://rstyle.me/n/iwiignqmn:

1. Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower has been the defining landmark of Paris ever since it opened in 1887. Named after Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who designed and built the structure, the 324-metre tower features three floors. The first floor, which is 57 m from the ground, has a transparent floor and glass balustrades and includes an immersion show that uses images from seven projectors on three walls. Souvenir shops, the buffet, and the Jules Verne Restaurant populate the second floor. You’ll need to take a glass lift to the top floor which restores Eiffel’s office to its original condition, complete with lifelike wax models. The views of the city are the main attractions here.
To minimise your time spent in a queue, buy your tickets in advance. Arrive before the tower opens and then take the stairs to the second floor. If you have a choice of dates, November and much of January through March have the fewest crowds.


In this 21st century The Musée du Louvre contains more than 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art in eight curatorial departments...:

2. Louvre

The Louvre is one of the world’s greatest art museums, being the home of such famous works as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory and the Venus de Milo, among countless others. Occupying over 60,600 square meters, the institution is also one of the world’s largest repositories of art, making it impossible to see in one day. If you have limited time, consider taking an introductory tour, which is given by national Museum guides and takes only an hour-and-a-half to get the highlights. Otherwise, consider coming back over several days to see a part of the museum each time.
Long queues are inevitable except if you visit on Wednesday and Friday evenings when the museum is open late or go very early in the morning. If you plan on coming over several visits, get a Paris Museum Pass, which lets you bypass any queues and use a special entrance. As a bonus, the pass also offers free entry to over 60 attractions in and around Paris.



Interior of the Notre-Dame Cathedral de Paris. Six photographs stitched together to create this vertical panoramic.:

3. Notre Dame

One of the world’s most famous churches, Notre Dame Cathedral has ministered to the city’s faithful since if was built over 800 years ago. Always remember that this is still a house of worship and requires a certain amount of decorum and silence on any visit, particular when services are being held. Admission to the Gothic edifice is free with the best times to visit either before 9 AM or near closing. However, even long queues tend to move quickly.
Climbing to the top of the tower is not free and requires the stamina to endure almost 400 steps because no lifts exist. Your effort will be rewarded by breathtaking views of Paris and close-up admiration of the gargoyles and bells. Arrive first thing in the morning to beat the queue.