Ipoh Rooftop Bar:  Sample the Selection of Drinks and Snacks.

Ipoh is Perak’s capital and is a popular tourist destination. The town has an array of activities that you and your loved one can engage in, for instance;

  • Visiting museums and temples
  • Sampling the tantalizing cuisine in old town
  • Taking nature walks
  • Shopping


As fun, as the tourist hotspots might be, it’s sometimes refreshing to take a break and try something different. For instance, you might want to visit the MU bar in Ipoh to enjoy a quiet evening with your spouse.

What’s so great about the rooftop bar?

The rooftop bar is in the heart of Ipoh and is on the 7th floor of the MU hotel. Its location on the rooftop creates a perfect view for you to enjoy watching the sunset and a scenic view of the city.

The bar is small and cosy, plays soft music, has great lighting and comfortable chairs. The ambience makes it possible for you to be there the entire time without any discomfort.

On arrival, the staff will serve you a welcome drink as you peruse through the menu to see what you’d like to have. A thing to note is the bar serves both affordable and expensive beverages so you can choose what suits you best.


Selections of drinks

There are a number of refreshments available such as cocktails, spirits, wines, beers, fruit juices and also non-alcoholic cocktails.

Besides drinks, the bar also serves snacks with western, European and Asian influences.


Examples of snacks

Ask any waiter at the rooftop bar in Ipoh for help on drink selection or snack accompaniment, and they’ll offer you excellent suggestions that you’ll enjoy. Some noteworthy mentions are:

  • Mongolian beef tarts
  • Malaysian Sardine tarts
  • Mama Mia Margherita

The best thing about choosing to have fun at the Ipoh rooftop bar is that the building also has hotel rooms. Booking a room at the hotel is advantageous as it offers you the convenience of not having to worry about getting a taxi to and from the bar.