How to Get the Best Penang Hotel Deals: Top 6 Ways


Penang, otherwise known as The Pearl of the Orient, is one of Malaysia’s most thriving and developed states, with major international businesses and events happening frequently. Its capital city, George Town, is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site due to its historical value.

The bustling island derived its name from areca nut palm, which are aplenty in the island. Due to Penang’s rich culture and heritage (aside from the thriving economy), the small island on Peninsular Malaysia’s northwest coast has been named one of the world’s top destinations.


Whether you are visiting Penang for business or pleasure, try these easy-to-do top 6 ways on getting the best Penang hotel deals:


  1. Contact the hotel directly

Contact the hotel of your choice directly before you book a room. This way you’ll be able to see whether the hotel would beat rates or match the deals you’ve found online. The upside to this is that you’ll have flexibility (no advance payment required) in cancelling should you found a more affordable alternative.


  1. Be aware of the total cost

Be aware of sneaky fees that aren’t included in an online quote. Some hotels may charge for the use of gym, WiFi and even breakfast, while the ones in city centre will normally charge for parking, which could cost up to RM50 per day. Always ask beforehand to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for things you don’t need or use.


  1. Consider small hotels

Small hotels are a great alternative as it’ll give you direct access to the hotel owner, who are probably willing to offer some discounts if you talk to them personally. While you can call them and inquire, it’s best to go there in person and ask to speak to the person in charge yourself.


  1. Utilise coupon deals

There are plenty of travel sites that offer coupons which you could easily print out. The coupons are mostly offered by small hotel or lodging chains, perfect for backpackers or visitors who are trying to save (and didn’t mind minimalism).


  1. Get a travel package

If you’re only visiting the Penang island, you can save more by getting a package that includes car rental, airfare and hotel. Some hotels offer these types of packages so do your search online.


  1. Utilise travel reward points

If you’re using credit card, you can take advantage of its travel reward points if the card is in partnership with the hotel of your choice, so find out if the hotel offers travel reward points. You get to save a lot and get some perks.


While there is no single method that will guarantee your success in landing an excellent rate, trying the tips mentioned at the right place and the right time will ramp up your luck in snagging the best Penang hotel deals.